The life of King Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI is the king of Morocco. He has been the successor of his father Hassan II. He ascended the throne in July 1999. He has been proved to be the very efficient and effective ruler. He has two children. The source of his wealth has been diversified. He has the citizenship of Morocco. He has been considered as one of the strong personality in the arena of world politics. He has been able to maintain the royal values of the family. He has maintained the legacy of the family with the best way possible. He has assumed the post of King at the age of 35, after the death of his father. He is the second son of his father.

The education of King Mohammed VI:

King Mohammad VI got his primary as well as the secondary education from the Royal College. Later he acquired his bachelor’s degree in the domain of Law. He has been famous for his research work. He has done many types of research in the realm of Africa and Arab unity as well as many other topics of the international relations. He gained certification in the subject of political science and got many diplomas in public law. He also remained under the training of the-then president of European Commission. He further gets his Ph.D. done with distinction in 1993 from a French university. Later he was promoted to the rank of major general.

Reforms as a King:

As a king, Mohammad VI has brought forth many reforms. Right after ascending the throne he addressed to his nation regarding the menace of poverty and corruption. He created many job opportunities and bring many reforms in the domain of human rights. For this purpose, he appointed a group of scholars that chalked out the constitution which promotes the right of people and the independent judiciary. This has been considered as the landmark of King that he made the judiciary independent. This assisted in giving the people of Morocco the right to live in a state with the democratic theme and the pure monarch. He has brought forth many social, economic and political reform which has certainly changed the whole scenario and the fortune of the people of Morocco.

The business realm:

King Mohammed VI is the famous businessmen and banker. He is one the wealthiest person with the assets of more than 2.5 billion dollars. This family has good shares in the world investment. He has up to 35% stake in SNI. He has been included as one of the richest people in the Forbes magazines. King Mohammed VI has been considered as one of the richest African monarchs.

Honors and titles:

King Mohammed VI received many honors and awards in his whole tenure. He has received various titles and honors from the Duke and prince of different states. King Mohammed VI has very strong political influence in the world politics. He has been always in the world news since eons.

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