Education in Arab world, why it is necessary

Arab countries are struggling in establishing reliable education system. In Arab countries most educational institutions are not preparing their students up to mark where they can compete with global and democratic society. There are many differences between Arab countries. Some school in different Arab states offer good quality education, while some are still facing problems and suffering from serious shortcomings.

According to a report Jordan and Kuwait are ranked as educational reforms and are trying to give best education to their people. They are ranking first among all other Arab countries, because of giving quality of learning and education to their students.

Teachers giving education in Arab world taught them academically way, teacher directed. The most important problem that they are facing is of, they don’t have qualified teachers. And employed teachers have low salaries and limited opportunities to make career in it.

Need reforms education in Arab world:

There is urgent need to reform education in this region. We live in the information age and if Arab countries do not modernized their system they can be behind from other countries so much. Quality education is very important and good for social and economic development.

Skill as critical thinking, digital literacy, problem solving and civic responsibilities and empowering of innovative thinker are very important to enter the global market and are key to economic growth. Most Arab countries and their system are not educating their students in these fields. Asian countries such as china, India, Malaysia emphasizes on education in their initial development plans to make their economic growth good in the future.

One-third of Arab population is under fifteen, can lead society and government in near future, investing on them can be very beneficial. And there would be major changes in upcoming years. Education in Arab world can change Arab democracy tomorrow.


Following are the challenges Arab world education system is facing:

  • Inadequate financial resources in rural areas
  • Lack of infrastructure
  • Lack of well-defined policy
  • Lack of appropriate use of mass media
  • Ineffectiveness of some Arab states in managing education system

Steps to improve education in Arab world:

With this all they should have a whole system approach that does not ignore the citizenship component. Students need to learn from small age, they should know they can think freely and speak. In classrooms there should be open discussions and active learning, in this way not only formal schooling is being taught they are also becoming open-minded, independent members of the society. This method has been seen to be more effective than the lecture based approach in Arab world.

Thus educated and well-trained teachers particularly those who are good in debate and can have multiple views of single point are compulsory in education in Arab world institutes. Reforms of education in Arab world will assure political stability, economic growth. For this people just get aware more in education in Arab world, this is difficult to have more options like this, but education is vital.

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