Benefits of Social Media in the World

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is very beneficial to people. It allows us to
connect with the world. You can message someone half way across the world from any social media
platform. It may not feel the same as calling them but at least you aren’t charged for long distance when
you message them on social media. Social media has changed the way we send and receive information
forever. It
Benefits of Social Media in the World
The reason I love using Facebook is because I can communicate with friends that have moved or look
up friends that I lost contact with and become friends again. I also find that facetime makes me feel
more socially connected to someone since you can see the person you are talking to and they can see
you. Unlike a phone call where you can’t see the person and you don’t know how the person is feeling
since you can’t see their face.
I love the fact that I can communicate with anyone anywhere on the Earth at any time. Two years ago, while I was on vacation at Atlantis in Paradise Island I befriended a girl from Poland. We contacted
each other on Facebook so we could keep in touch once we both went back home. I still chat with her
on Facebook today. I live in Maryland and she lives in Poland but we still communicate with each other
almost every day. She is planning on moving to the U.S. one day and we both promised each other we
would meet in person again. That is what I love about social media. You can make friends and keep in
contact with them for the rest of your life.
I have joined many Facebook groups including Astronomy and Photography. I am very passionate
about both. One of my favorite groups is called Conowingo Wildlife Photographers. Everyone posts their
photos of birds taken at or near the Conowingo Dam. When I go up there I will leave a message on the
groups page asking if anyone wants to go up with me and photograph Bald Eagles. We meet each other
up at the dam and make a day out of it.
My Unique Ideas and Experiences on Social Media
Social media is also beneficial to businesses. It is great for marketing. Just about everyone has a
phone or computer so if you advertise online you are bound to grow your business. On Facebook, you
can create your own business page. You can also invite fb friends to like it. When one person sees a
business page on Facebook that they find appealing they most likely will share it on their page for all
their friends to see. The process continues and before you know it you have hundreds of followers for
your business page. It is perfect for advertising. I met a photographer on Instagram who had just started
posting his work. A year later he became a well-known photographer. Social media is an important
aspect of a business. It helps your practice gain exposure and become discovered.
How Social Media Helps in Learning Fast
People receive information with a snap of a finger on phones and computers so it is very easy to learn
information. News can be dispersed much quicker on the internet than television. Facebook, Instagram,
and Twitter gets news every second and it is put on each outlet of social media’s feed. You can search up
information on Facebook just like you would on Google. When someone learns about something they
usually post it on their phone to a social media outlet and it only takes minutes for everyone to know.
How to Get Instagram Followers with Attractive Posts?

My favorite social media outlet to use is Instagram. It is great for sharing photos. It is the holy grail of
social media outlets for photographers. When you post a photo, it goes to the top of your page for
everyone you follow to see. The more hashtags you put on a post the more people will see your photo.
If you want to gain more Instagram followers with attractive posts you should pick a subject to take
photos of and post photos of it. If you have a construction business then you should post photos of your
work such as the process of one of the building you built and the end product. If you are a
photographer, post photos of your favorite subject to photograph. If you are a wildlife photographer,
post photos of the wildlife that you have seen. Keep your Instagram posts consistent. Eventually people
will start commenting on your photos and ask to buy your photos. Social media is an important part of
marketing in business. It allows it to grow. I use Instagram to showcase my photos and gain exposure. I
have also made connections with my local newspaper, The Baltimore Sun. One of their photographers
has seen my photos and has talked to me about putting some of my wildlife photos in the paper.
Why is Social Media Networking Important to Get a Job?
If you are looking for a job then you should showcase your skills by posting photos of what you do
best. Employers usually look for people to hire online. Putting your skills online is very beneficial. It is
better to have an employer find you than you having to look for one. It is important that you sell
yourself and to stand out from everyone else. Never sell yourself short. I have my own Facebook page
that showcases my photography. Two girls from my high school saw my Facebook page and asked me
how much I charged for portraits. I charge $30 per person per hour. I ended up making $60. Social
media is very important when it comes to getting yourself discovered.
Social media is great for connecting with the world and advertising your business. Directing Social
media is one of the best and highest paying jobs in marketing.

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